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Why Should you become a Real Soda Retailer??

Think Outside the (Big) box...can you compete selling the national brands with the big boxes? NO...

Real Soda in Real Bottles (many made with real cane sugar) tastes WAY better than soda in cans or plastic.

Real Soda is not mass produced. We carry specialty beverages produced by craft makers who care about what they make.

Real Soda also offers dozens of exclusively bottled flavors.

Build your customer base by offering superior beverages you customers will have a hard time finding elsewhere.

Build your store traffic...keep 'em coming back for more!!

Exciting, colorful, and delicious sodas will create a "buzz" in your market.

Multiple unit sales on constantly consumed bottles of Real Soda means more customers and more register rings more often.

Year round sales.

Become THE destination location for interesting tasty beverages in your market.


We carry over 1500 different styles and flavors of Real Soda (depending on which warehouse services you).

We offer delivered pallet programs to your door, prepaid truckloads,...or the soda can be picked up depending on your location.

You can buy our pre-assorted mix of flavors or build your own.

Please contact us today for details on how you can open your own Mom and Pop Soda Shoppe!!!